Terms and conditions

Conclusion of the contract

  1. Upon submitting your registration, you make us an offer to enter into a corresponding contract with you. You are bound to your offer for a period of two working days in Frankfurt am Main. Within this time period, we may declare acceptance of your offer, which usually takes place automatically upon implementation of the registration.
  2. The contract language is German.

Storage of the contract text and correction of entered data

  1. The contract text is not stored by us and may not be accessed by you following completion of the registration.
  2. However, you may print these general terms and conditions at any time.


You may cancel your use of Fixcosts at any time without stating reasons. We will at that point delete your data. We may cancel the contract with you subject to a notice period of one week. Cancellation by email is sufficient.

Storage of contracts

If you use the option to upload contracts, you must keep at least one backup copy accessible on your own system and continuously check whether the backup copy is in sound condition. Fixcosts must not be used as the only place of storage for copies of your contracts.


  1. If you are a consumer in terms of Section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB), you are entitled to your statutory rights.
  2. If you are an entrepreneur in terms of Section 14 BGB, the limitation period for a warranty claim is one year. The choice of subsequent performance is ours, subject to the limitations imposed by statute.


  1. Our liability is determined by the statutory provisions unless agreed otherwise hereunder.
  2. In the case of ordinarily negligent breach of essential contractual obligations, our liability will be limited in terms of amount to foreseeable damage typical of the type of contract. Essential contractual obligations are obligations where fulfilment is indispensable for the due execution of the contract and where the client may regularly trust in compliance with them.
  3. The limitation period for claims pursuant to Section 2 of clients who are entrepreneurs in terms of Section 14 BGB is one year.
  4. Our liability for ordinarily negligent breach of non-essential contractual obligations is excluded.
  5. Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 do not apply to claims due to personal injury or death, in case of malicious intent, in case of provision of a guarantee, and to claims pursuant to the German Product Liability Act.

Platform for out-of-court dispute settlement

The EU Commission has provided a platform for out-of-court dispute settlement at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Final provisions

Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be or become wholly or partially invalid, the remaining provisions will be unaffected, unless the loss of individual clauses would disadvantage one party to such an unreasonable degree that it could not reasonably be expected to adhere to the contract.