Where is my whole money?

That was the initial question of this private project. We are sure, that many people has asked this question themselves. To get a better overview of your existing contracts, fix costs, running times and termination dates, the application started on Microsoft Access. We noticed fast, that other people don’t want to waste time on many folders.

Our philosophy:

We want a easy, “clean” and a good application offer you. It will not have any unused functions or options, to get a easy and fast application. We oriented on the clear and easyness of the “asian ZEN” and we’re happy to offer you this easy tool.

We are earning no money right now and give you all functions for free for a limited time.


Everybody knows it...

Where goes my money?

  • Finally all fix costs und control.

  • No more paperwork.

  • Easy and fast usage.

  • Overview about all fix costs.

  • Easy and meaningful dashboard.

  • No more searching in folders.

  • No more confusing graphics and reports.

  • Your data is safe, no transfer to thirds.


Das sagen unsere Kunden


Best overview about your costs.
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Upload your contracts.


You will only see the most important fields.


Get a useful overview about your expenses.

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